Western Samoa
Geneological Information

Family Geneology Information
Surnames: Siteine, Tafua, Asiata, Alili, Maugaivao, Atoa, Seumalu, Pauga, etc.

Samoa Geneology Information
Assorted surnames collected from Western Samoa and American Samoa.
Additions are welcome.

Other sites with information on Samoan Families:  

Rootsweb Samoa GenWeb

Website set up for sharing family information about Western Samoa

General Samoa Query Forum 
Discussion group for posting queries for information about Samoan Relatives

Other sites with information:

Family Search
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints searchable databases.

Patrick Duffy has set up geneological information in this area of our website for the convenience of our network associates and their extended families.  These pages link to the actual sites.  Feel free to submit changes or recommendations for this page.

Geneology is compiled by our researchers into the Personal Ancestral File program available for free download at Family Search.   This information is stripped of personal information on the living and source information into a GEDCOM file, then is uploaded for browsing from the Rootsweb sites.  You are cautioned that the information is not always accurate and we are in the process of doing verification and documentation of sources.

Changes or additions to the on-line information should be submitted to the contacts listed above.  You will speed the process if you can send them the information in the form of a GEDCOM file.  We welcome additions from descendants we may not be aware of.  

Requests for actual GEDCOM files should be very specific about what is being requested since we do not normally send an entire database to people.  We supply most information to other researchers at no charge as long as they are willing to wait for us to get to their request.  For those who are in a hurry, want information that will take considerable time to put together, or are requesting information we have paid for with either time or money,  we reserve the right to ask for compensation which will help fund our research efforts.  If you wish to contribute - please let us know. 

We recommend you set up your own GEDCOM file for internet browsing on the World Connect Project by RootsWeb.  Remember to email Patrick and any of our family contacts a link to it. We will list it here for your convenience if it has a link into one of our our families.

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Rootsweb hosts much of our information free of charge.

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